Who we are?

Stock Legion is an e-commerce site that houses over 10000 vector backgrounds. We have come forward to fill in the gap by providing inexpensive packs of patterns, Royalty free patterns, characters, and license-free vector backgrounds and have developed an advanced platform that delivers brilliance. At Stock Legion, we are also open to customizations on uploaded designs. What’s more is that there is an ocean worth of high-resolution designs for you to choose from in both JPEG and EPS formats.

We create stock patterns for you to use them on and everything you can think of! We believe in sheer exclusivity and in providing a platform for the creative worm in you to explore the unexplored realms of the design world.
The diversity of Stock Legion clearly lies in its intricately carved and highly functional designs. We break the clutter by creating our own patterns and making them available to you at unbelievably affordable prices.

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