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Design, today is seen as an element that helps enhance businesses and build their image. A good design attracts the targeted audience, whether they are existing ones or prospective ones. Those rigid to change are prone to missing out all the benefits they could reap out of design. The world today is driven by creativity and innovation. It’s a technologically advanced globe too and the amalgamation of design and technology only makes it clutter-breaking. If a perfect design doesn’t earn success to a business, it is a flop. The phrase, “thinking out of the box”, essentially works in this scenario. If your design manages to communicate a certain message by being attractive at the same time, it works wonders.

A great textured background is not just about enhancing appearances. There needs to be some message in it that it communicates and resonates with the audience it is meant to reach. It could be an unconventional and unique design in the form of a vector image and it might do a good job.

Today design is at unrest. The experts were expected to make furniture, brand identities and letterheads, but their work seems to be going into the dark. The perception one has about design is now shifting towards interactions, experiences and about software various systems. In other words, in the rich combination of technology and design, technology is taking over. Allow us to instill eye-opening forms of designs, that have surpassed the existing trends of stock images and vector patterns, we see and use every day, but do not know of.

Everything is a designer’s work


The recent times are witnessing a distinction between how people perceive design and what designers actually do. Everything around us is actually a designer’s work, from our house to our car to what we wear… basically every object we use. Whether we admit it or not, we are sub-consciously affected by everything we own, which is basically some form of designer’s work.

Difference in current trends from the past


Design in the past was more about creating something that helped designers reach the epitome of success. In times to come, people would engage in more of digital means of designs and not on the mainstream forms like record covers or furniture designs. Audiences have already begun leaning towards software designs and other technical forms of design like game designs, digital maps, royalty free images, etc.

What does the future hold for design, when perceptions about it are so vivid?

 The difference between design and business will perish 

 Understanding how a certain business functions, what a brand communicates and how designs are thoughtfully implemented to connect with the target audience must be well understood. Better the designer understands the business; the better will be his work. Putting the designer’s work into words is just another plus for the designer to grow as each piece of art carries so much insight in it. 

 Data and design will be one

Designers are accustomed to creations that involve contact, observe and action. With software dominating the world, a lot of the obvious dimensions of the design world are losing to things that are less visible. It will be the role of a designer to bridge the gap between how humans and machines interact. From rocks to invisibility, design has come so far from its inception. Blame the evolving perceptions or its versatility, the fact about its present state and future remain unchanged. The fading image of design will, hopefully, always dwell in the subconscious of the generations to stay. It most definitely is a marvelous rise from gravel to gadgets. We hope to watch it grow and unravel many more discoveries that take this world to new dimensions. Do you think design is going to flourish more than it already is? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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