The Inception of Design

Design is considered aesthetic in nature and is essentially used in order to fulfill innovative purposes with some degree of functional purposes. The reason behind its growth is the versatility it depicts with respect to its usage. Its prehistoric roots have solidified and led to more modern forms of art. So, how did it come into being?

                                                     The Beginning  



The origins of designing lie in the prehistoric times, when man carved various figures and shapes on the walls of caves. This art is called rock art with the evident reference to its carvings on rocks. Eventually, as man evolved to become more sophisticated, these illustrations took more complex shapes and earned their space on paper. These pages bound together to form books and it was from there that designs found an authentic identity on this planet with life. Designs were then given high regard as they were said to have the ability to make lengthy texts look more engaging. Being visually appealing, they gave a pictorial depiction of the textual content that the books held.

Scriptures adopted various forms of writing styles or calligraphy which were incorporated into the evolving world of design. Eventually, these mystical characters of art were taken forward to playing cards by the Chinese, which then gave way to design in the gaming industry.

The Adaptation



Design had now become an effective medium of communication. It was through this that the theory of semiotics was demonstrated. Being essentially crucial in the well-being of the living, communication took various forms. Encryption, encoding and various layered and secret messages came into being through the amalgamation of design and communication. This led the humans to explore new avenues of this highly effective combination. Just like design’s incorporation with textual content, design and communication brought new revelations. It opened the doors to more intricate forms of human behavior and contact, which gave rise to the now booming industries of mass communication and advertising. This made the world a smaller place to live in; it gave a boost to knowledge, information, trade, wealth, awareness and everything that one could not before design came into being.

The Ongoing



This exchange amidst nations, regions and individuals through design is today engraved into each ones routine, both consciously and subconsciously. It has travelled from walls of rock to walls on digital platforms. One is exposed to this fierce combination of design and communication on the streets, their device, through people… just anywhere and everywhere! Digital media is one of the most widespread when it comes to implementing the most varied forms of designs. From promotional purposes like web banners layouts, online texture images and vector backgrounds for social media campaign to entrepreneurial purposes like creating and selling stock images in the micro-stock industry. Design has transformed from just a means of creativity to a serious craft. It is with growing demand that design has delved its way through the crux of commercialization, art and technology and it has only just scratched the surface…

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